Things to know before renting mini diggers in Melbourne

Managing a small construction project in Melbourne needs help from a versatile piece of equipment known as the mini digger. Digging and excavating jobs in limited space make mini diggers Melbourne the best equipment to consider.

All aspects of managing a small construction project become doable and easier with help from mini diggers. However, dealing with the project using a mini digger needs a few factors to take into account, to include:

Does the area contain underground utility services?

Underground utilities such as sewers, fibre optic communication cables, water pipes, power cables, and gas pipes have to be considered before you start excavating and digging. Not planning for this might produce costly and nasty surprises when you come across them during the digging phase. Using cable detectors before digging and excavating prevents costly mistakes to happen in the first place.

Depth of the dig

The depth of the dig depends on the project you have in mind. Building an extension to your basement or a swimming pool requires a different type of digging like, say, for instance, preparing footings for a conservatory or levelling a garden space.

A mini digger weighing no more than 3 tonnes will make quick work of digging trenches. However, 8-tonne mini diggers should be considered when the depth of the dig required a range from 1800mm to 4675mm.

Condition of the ground

The condition of the ground is an important factor to consider before hiring a mini digger. Very soft grounds need greater digging depth and a larger digger to do the job. A 3-tonne mini digger, on the other hand, can perfectly handle digging into a soil that is sticky with clay or very hard surfaces. The mini digger should also have a hydraulic hammer attachment if the job requires removing or breaking up surface materials such as concrete or tarmac.

Restrictions in the work area

Is the work area small and restricted? Does it include height restrictions as well? The mini digger is your only option when the rear part of a property is the only access. The road condition surrounding your project is another important factor to consider before hiring a mini digger. Transport delay can happen when your construction project is on a single route directly across road works or a school.

Estimated time completion of the project

A time frame for completion of the project has to be planned well before booking a mini digger. It will cost you more the longer the hired mini digger stays in your property. Often, the time frame for completing the project is not possible. The best way to cut costs is to send the mini digger away after completion of a certain area and hiring them again should the need crop up.

The cost of hiring a mini digger

You have the option to hire a mini digger to handle a day’s work or to stay with your project for months on end. The kind of digger chosen determines the hire rate.

In closing

Planning well before hiring a mini digger for your construction project is the smartest way to cut costs. If you are needing to hire mini diggers in Melbourne, you need to have a good plan so that you can choose the right equipment to handle all digging and excavating needed in your construction project.

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