Factors to consider before selecting the method of excavation in Ringwood

There are so many methods of excavation that people consider when they are considering doing an excavation project in Ringwood. However, some methods can be used in some places and cannot be used by others. When you take on an excavation project, there are several things that you need to think about before you decide on the method of excavation that you will use in your project. Choosing the right method of excavation is very necessary, and hence you should avoid making a mistake. This is because if you are to use an excavation method that is not supposed to be used in your project, fatal accidents could be caused as the excavation is proceeding. You should not risk your property since you could lose the lives of the people that you love and all the people who are working on your project. Whenever you are selecting the type of excavation that you will be using, you have to consider the following factors first.

The type of subsoil on your land

The first thing that will determine the method of excavation that you will use on your excavation project is the type of subsoil that is in the area that you will be carrying out the project. At times you may not know the kind of subsoil that is on your land, and this is why you need to hire a professional so that they can find out what type of subsoil that is on your land days before the excavation has begun.  The professionals will identify the nature of the subsoils, which will determine the excavation method to be used as well as the equipment that will be used in the excavation project.

The conditions of the groundwater

It is very easy to tell the conditions of the groundwaters even if you do not have an expert. The water tables in your area will determine the condition of the groundwater. If you know the type of water table that is in your area, then you will not have issues determining the conditions of the water table in your locality.  The grounds may have a high water table or a low water table and will decide which excavation methods will be used in each case.

The conditions of the surrounding areas

The other factor that affects the type of excavation method that will be used is the condition of the surrounding areas.  For instance, you will have to consider whether other buildings near the site will be excavated before you select the method of excavation that will not affect the building as well as the surrounding.  If this factor is not considered, there is a higher possibility of the building that is near the excavation site collapsing. Since this is not that important, you should make sure that you think of the surrounding conditions first.

The size of your project

The size of the project will also determine the method of excavation that will be used. For this reason, you must know whether you will be having a small or large project before you call your excavating company. They will have to inquire about the size of your project so that they decide on what equipment they will use as well as the method they will use. Having an estimation in mind is a good thing, but if you are not sure, you can ask for someone to determine this for you.

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